John tales: DAMN SMART

My girlfriend's father John is an archtypal narcissist; everything is about him. He also tends to be racist, sexist and occasionally homophobic.

These are his stories.

John is in the hospital getting some diagnosis. I shit you not, this is an actual email after Sister #2 phoned him; and he's being sincere...

From: John
To: Sister #1, Sister #2
Subject: re: visit

Wow! Having a discussion about the Marxist concept of the superstructure with you, my daughter! What a hoot! To tell you the truth, I have often wondered if you and SISTER1 really know and really realize how goddamned smart I really am. I am DAMN smart, and since that's probably the primary way by which I identify myself, I like people to know it. No modesty here! One of the reasons I enjoyed getting a rather exhaustive neurological workover by a doctor here named REDACTED was that I thought I had met someone who might have a higher IQ than I do. She certainly was much more autistic than I am--not that I mean I'm autistic at all, but she was like a machine in her single-mindedness. I always enjoy meeting people that I think are more intelligent than I am, but they are few and far between.


2023-10-03 – initial

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