Privacy Policy & Terms of Service

Privacy policy and Terms of Service for ( – aka “The Website”, a GeFeSLE instance.

The Website is owned by; they and any another authorized delegate are designated “The Administrators” going forward.

Privacy Policy

The Website does not record, save, obtain or seek any of your information that is not explicitly uploaded/provided by you. If you have been granted a local account here, or have had your 3rd party account authorized to log in, it is at the discretion of The Administrators and with your permission.

Microsoft, Google, Mastodon and other OAuth / 3rd Party Credentials

In order to contribute or modify content on this site you must either have a local account created or your Microsoft/Google/Mastodon account name must be listed in the site's user credential system; in the case of Microsoft/Google this is your email address, for Mastodon it is your username@yourinstance. This is the only information stored about you.

What information from these services may The Website obtain on my behalf?

If you choose to and have granted permission through the authorization of the The Website during the log-in procedure, The Website is capable of retrieving:

Any OAuth or API token obtained from any 3rd party service on your behalf or through the OAuth process is retained by The Website only for the duration of your login session (30 minutes) and is not saved, stored or retained.

Authorized Use/Display of Material

Information uploaded/added/submitted to The Website is entirely at your discretion. Further, visibility of the material you provide to The Website can be restricted by you; you are responsible for ensuring that the material you add to this website is visible only to the people you want to see it.

3rd Party Material

The Website provides facilities to import some third-party material that the importing user did not create, created by other users on the originating service. When The Website imports this material, it will only do so if that material has been suitably marked as “public” and is not visible or restricted only to the importing user.

If the owners/creators of the imported material object to the use of their material on The Website they may preemptively remove it with the provided reporting/take-down procedure:

Reporting / Take-down of Material

The Website provides the facility to Report or Request the removal of submitted/added/imported material. Every List Item has a Report button; pressing this button prompts the user for their report or removal request. The item is immediately removed from its containing List and a moderation action is brought to the attention of The Administrators.

Terms of Service

It's a self-hosted list-blog microservice hosted in a basement. There are no obligations or responsibilities on the provider of this website to you the viewer of said website.

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